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The first student-based startup accelerator in Puerto Rico

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About Us

We are the Biggest Community of Student Innovators in UPRM


Who are we?

Idea Platform is a student organization founded in the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez in January 2015.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop innovation leaders through design thinking, technical, and innovation management experiences.


Our Members

Our membership consists of students who are interested on using their skills to contribute to their community and learn how to think, talk, and execute in innovative projects.


Our Work

Student enablers have joined our team to work on more than 10 projects and programs in areas such as: technology, product development, innovation management, and communications.

Our Community



Are the students actively managing and leading the programs and services that we provide to the UPRM community.


Program Members

Are students focused on developing particular skills or projects within our programs of communications, technology, and innovation management.


Community Members

Are the students interested on learning about innovation and that actively participate of our workshops and use our makerspace to work on their innovative projects.

Starting Point

In Starting Point our members develop skills that empower them as innovators.

We have been given the opportunity of administering and hosting the first makerspace in our campus, Starting Point, and we plan to turn it the biggest innovation hub in the entire UPR system.

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